The toughest task on earth is to take out time, sit down and write some…

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Thanks for dropping by! A very happy new year 2021 in advance to you and your loved ones.

I am Aditi Khandelwal and today I am here talking only about myself. Guys believe me it’s really a tough task. This space like my other articles is also going…

Modern day parenting requires something more

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In my initial years of motherhood there’s no denying that even being a top writer in parenting with many publications, at one point I had really struggled in actually making a friendly relationship with my child.

Identifying the need to change my parenting

My son is two years old and I found it quite challenging to engage…

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Times have certainly changed. I come from a generation in which the families used to be big and everyone in the town believed in living in connected communities. Catching with cousins used to happen on a monthly basis. Obviously, the mothers in those generations have done an enormous amount of…

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The universe seems to do its job correctly. It has blessed women with the gift of motherhood because it knows that moms are very courageous. But this world has become deeply cruel because it has now stereotyped moms into various categories. There are working moms, non-working moms, at-home moms, normal…

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