How to contribute your stories to ‘My First’ publication?

The first experience is always special. It’s personal. It’s close to your heart. It’s where you make mistakes. It’s where you learn. It’s where you grow. It’s something that you remember always. And, it becomes a great story for others. So, come and share your first experience.

We want to hear about your #firstexperience #firstday #firstweek #firstmonth #firstyear #firstlove #firstjob #firststartup #firstapp #firstincome #firstflight #firstdrive #firstadventure #firsttravel #firstdayatcollege #firstmonthatjob #firstpregnancy #firstchild #firstcrush #firstdiet #firstworkout #firstrejection #firstloss #firstillness #firstaccident and so many firsts in life. It has happened in the past and keeps happening in the present — while you carry…

Writing is like meditation to me

Hi Readers!

Thanks for dropping by! A very happy new year 2021 in advance to you and your loved ones.

I am Aditi Khandelwal and today I am here talking only about myself. Guys believe me it’s really a tough task. This space like my other articles is also going to be full of facts – but these facts are straight from my life. Working in corporate for years I know how self-appraisals works. …

Because a family that creates memories together stays together

Times have certainly changed. I come from a generation in which the families used to be big and everyone in the town believed in living in connected communities. Catching with cousins used to happen on a monthly basis. Obviously, the mothers in those generations have done an enormous amount of work.

But believe it or not, the social boundary where everybody knew everybody came with its own pros and cons. Today, decades later, most of us live in a cosmopolitan urban setup. Though we all try to choose our work cities in a way that takes us the least amount…

As a first time mother I died of Mom-Guilt almost everyday

The universe seems to do its job correctly. It has blessed women with the gift of motherhood because it knows that moms are very courageous. But this world has become deeply cruel because it has now stereotyped moms into various categories. There are working moms, non-working moms, at-home moms, normal delivery moms, caesarean delivery moms, exclusive breastfeeding moms (ebf), mixed feeding moms, exclusive pumping moms, and formula feeding moms. Whichever category it is — being a new mom has been the most amazing and tiring experience, at least in my life.

Welcome to the world, little baby

With an elective c-section, you expect things after childbirth…

The Day My Old School Friend Died, A part of me died with him too

The surprising thing about grief is that sometimes it never goes. Eventually, you just start living with it.

A Woman’s Heart Is a Deep Ocean of Secrets. Hidden deep inside the heart, the reality of secrecy never even comes up. But for me, it’s time that I let it out. This secret love story that I’m sharing here goes back to the time when social media was gaining popularity amongst teenagers. Fifteen years back, Google’s Orkut was a brand new interactive platform where people literally used to write testimonials for each other. It brings back such sweet memories. …

The end to the era of sanitization is finally here

Today’s modern urban parents feel stuck between parenting choices. Mothers are getting mothered in the virtual world. Well, there’s literally no one to blame for the lockdown time of COVID-19 that our generation witnessed. Because of all the havoc, the art of simple natural living literally took a back seat in the journey of life.

A child’s health has always been an area of concern for every parent. With COVID-19, there has been an explosion of information regarding keeping children safe. The world is again moving towards reality. The reality where kids went to school, made friends, laughed in the…

Don’t get disheartened, because we all feel lost sometimes!

Motherhood is a pleasant feeling, but becoming a mother for the first time can bring existential crises. There is no doubt in it I love my child from the core, but I do miss the old me sometimes. Postpartum depression is also real. And when the kids are all grown up, then yes, the lonely house haunts every mom. The prime reason being that there is really no one to tell a mother that the changing perceptions are a part of motherhood. Yes, the baby will fall on the floor many times, and getting ill is also a part of…

Depends on your spending appetite

Parenting becomes tough when kids are loaded with infinite options in toys. From cleaning the mess to making children bond with heaps of toy boxes is really tough. But do you know the best toys are the most simple ones?

As a minimalist parent, I’m ALWAYS cautious when I’m doing any toy shopping. I totally believe in the following theory of Cortney Carver from “Be more with less” —

Clutter attracts clutter and calm attracts calm.

With this note, I have tried practising toy minimalism with my child. With the wishlist amount in the amazon cart, I am happy that…

My First Experience With Green Parenting.

Photo by Evan Demicoli on Unsplash

Climate change is a real thing. Slow, but real. Pandemic had hit the economic, financial, and mental well-being of many societies. To be honest, the devastations due to climate change will hit even harder. And today’s modern parents need to learn the art of sustainability.

I am a firm believer that sustainability starts from home.

I am a development sector professional who is sensitive to using environmentally friendly stuff. Through my parenting practices, I try not to create more burden on any landfills. When I became a parent, I wanted to raise my child…

Check your minimalist parenting score and see where you stand.

Minimalism is the most satisfactory thing that I could have ever experienced in my chaotic life.

After a few months of my son’s birth, everything started overflowing in our apartment. Just like all new moms I also used to love buying toys and trending clothes for my son. Though, I did the shopping only once a month. But, eventually, as time passed by all the expensive things that I had bought for him became useless. My son outgrew his clothes in a few months, and the toys remained locked up in the basket. …

Aditi K

Urban Thoughts for Urban Folks — Aim: To share positivity with some new perceptions — Purpose: To work for a cause. Follow on Instagram for all updates!

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